Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I Am Back!

      I am glad to be back writing my blog. I have missed my audience. Well, I posted back in July of 2013, that I was going to post "A Gift of Words". I didn't come back and post it. I have given this to Arapahoe Charter in Arapahoe, North Carolina. I haven't checked back to see what or how the instructors has used this to help improve the students success. I will check back soon.  Here it is!
A Gift of Words
Everyone remembers the joy and wonder of being read to while
snuggled in mother’s comforting arms. We pass on stories, traditions,
history and culture through reading to our children. Do you ever
wonder how many children don’t get to share that experience? You
would be amazed at how many children don’t get that interaction
with their parent. A majority of families today are single parent
homes. I am going to show you two different single parents. After
I give each scenario you will see how at-risk our children are. They
need reading experience to build their self-esteem as well their
Parent one has a high school education but her reading level is third
grade. Working two jobs, each night when she gets off work the
children are asleep. If she were at home in time to read her children
a bed time story, she could barely read the book.
Parent two has a high school education and is continuing her
education. She is working two jobs as well and attending a local
university. When she doesn’t have to work late she reads a bedtime
story to her children at least two times a week.
My question is what do we do to change a child’s exposure to
reading for the better given the often difficult circumstances at
home? I came up with an idea to help children learn the value of
reading and writing and become more independent readers and
writers regardless of their level of learning. This program will offer a
series of workshops through local libraries, Head Start or any other
daytime program designed for children.
Ages 3-5
We want to help children, particularly at-risk children, understand
the importance of reading and writing. We want to instill in very
young children the excitement and satisfaction of being read to
on a regular basis. Children learn the importance of reading when
read to on a regular schedule. Listening to stories expands a child’s
knowledge and challenges him or her to learn new skills. Reading
to a child will increase vocabulary and he or she will understand
more words and be able to better communicate. Another way to
communicate a child is to draw a picture that he or she can relate
to the story. Sadly, one in six children live in poverty in the United
States. Many of these children never get to experience the joy of
listening to a story. Their lack of exposure to this basic skill places
them at a tremendous disadvantage throughout their lifetime.
Ages 6-8
We plan to help beginning readers learn how to write their own
material beginning with a single sentence. The children will enjoy
a Saturday workshop held at a local library, designed to ignite
the spark of imagination through the use of authentic language.
Through a series of guided activities, children will be taught how to
capture their imagination through writing. They will then use their
own material to learn how to edit and revise to create good writing.
One item they will learn is sentence structure. Sentence structure
is an important part of communicating clearly and concisely. Every
sentence must contain a subject (noun or pronoun) and a predicate
(verb or action word) in order to be considered complete. Children
will be taught to always look for ways to shorten their sentences and
make them more active than passive. For example, they might be
told when you see someone about to run across a busy street you
can yell, “Hold it, there is a car coming down the street and it may hit
you if you were to run into the street.” Or, you can yell, “STOP.”
Ages 9-12
My Life So Far
This age audience has developed language skills and may or may
not enjoy writing as a daily activity. Our program will encourage
children to express themselves through writing. They may not realize
that they have an important story to tell and that their story, when
woven together with their friends, will create a beautiful tapestry.
Youngsters this age love a challenge. They will be asked to write
about their life so far. We will use various techniques to help each
child organize his or her thoughts and decide on a topic. They will be
guided through the process of outlining their project, then filling in
the details to complete their own story.
Once the youngsters write their stories, we will compile them into a
book that they can keep.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Checking In

Well, I know I haven't done anything since 2012. Happy Belated New Year! I feel bad. Life has me in several different directions. Hopefully, I will land somewhere soon. I am still writing.I haven't published anything since 2011. I had the opportunity to write an essay for an Anthology book in 2012. "20 on 3:Faith, Hope and Charity" this book was amazing. I gained inspiration during a hard economy. People has faced a lot from 2007 until the present moment. Purchase a copy of this great book, it is worth it! Next, I am working on a project called a "A Gift of Words". I am working to get that started. It is for children ages 3-12. Next, I am almost done with school. I am very happy about that. I will be back to post "A Gift of Words". 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Why Don't It Feel Like Thanksgiving?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. What bother me is how it didn't feel like Thanksgiving. We all work day in day out to provide for our families or just survival. We work so hard to survive until holidays don't feel like it. It is just another day off from work. Let me explain, do you remember when you was younger how businesses would be closed on Thanksgiving. The atmosphere felt warm with excitement. That is not the case. There were restaurants, stores, etc open twenty-four hours on Thanksgiving. Has money taken over family values and  the cares of others ? I feel in some ways it has. It is our responsibility as a people to don't forget what this country has been built upon. "In God we trust" that quote is on every piece of US currency. To those who done good deeds yesterday. I thank you for taking your time to show and share love to those who are less fortunate. As I was thinking about theses restaurants opening twenty-four hours. IHOP was open twenty-four hours, why didn't they open their doors to free meals to homeless, wounded vets, or military families? This would show the reason for the season,instead of just making a profit. My suggestion is when it don't feel like a holiday, do something to make someone else feel good.Just don't do it on a holiday do it year round. Let's get ready for Christmas!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

What Been Going On

    I have missed my audience.  I know you are wondering what I've been doing? I have been mostly busy being a Mother first to my beautiful little girl. She is in Kindergarten. Education is very important. Next, I had a good time at the MUMFEST.  Also, I am working on several new poems for three or four poetry contest. I working on my next interview. Please keep a look out on Raychelle's blog. Time is getting closer for the results for the Writer's Digest Self Publishing Awards. I am very excited. I hope "Sweet Dreams" will win or place. "25 Days of Roses" received Honorable Mentioned last year. That's huge for me and my publisher. 

   OH!! Early Voting started Thursday, October 18th. Everyone go vote!! I heard on the local news that we had a great turn out for the first day of early voting. I want that to happen again. Our President has done his job the best of his ability. Ladies and Gentlemen lets really vote when it is time to re-elect the senators and representatives. We need men and women who are going to support our President. You remember the when President Clinton was in the seat. The US was on their feet. We had a surplus beyond measure. I want to see that again. I want to say this while it is on my mind. I am a single parent. Mitt you just labeling close to over half of the families in US as a crime zone. Mitt what's next? I can hear Keri Washington at the Democratic Convention "We are the people". I say "we are the people" who has to make this happen. Go vote!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

What You Wanted, Not How You Wanted

"I never been the person who likes to get in trouble or cause confusion. You know what the Bible says paraphrase that "God is love and not of confusion". Well, I stuck my foot in something so deep without me seeing it coming. It began one day I was driving home and my college classmate, BFF called.

"Hey gurly. What's up?" Leah responded.

"Nothing much girl. Just driving home from a meeting." with a calm voice of worry.

"De' Asja, I know you didn't have any meeting today. I saw you with Aspen. You were at the cafe by the art gallery on Fifth Ave.What's going on? I was going to see if you was going to tell me."

"Sorry, girl. I was going to tell you when I got my thoughts together. You know I don't like trouble or confusion. Right now at this moment I am pass knee deep in." replied De

"I have to go Barry is on the other line."

"Bye, De" replied Leah

"Yes, honey"

"Baby, where is my Stacy Adams?" he asked

" Look in the closet on the floor near the container with Winter on it. Do you see them? If not I am on my way home."

"Thanks, I found them. Don't worry about cooking tonight I have a meeting with the Dr. Rawlins. That project I have been working on has been approved."

"Great! Why didn't you tell me?"

" I wanted it to be a surprise. After this is done, I promise I will slow down. We are going to work having a baby again."

"You have said that so many times, Barry. I will see. Only if he knew? What am I going to do? Should I tell him or wait? I'm home, bye."
Driving my car into the garage I see everything he said he was going to do and hasn't. The crack in the driveway, the siding on the house that was partially repaired from Hurricane Ophelia, and my flat tire on my Honda Accord. This tire has been flat for two weeks. Just sad, getting out of the car, the smell is making me nausea. I hurried to unlock the door passed Barry to get to the half bath near the guest room. 

"De' are you ok? Well, I see that you are vomiting like you have that stomach bug going around. I'm going to  reschedule my meeting to stay home."

"No, honey. You worked hard to get this. Call Leah see if she can come over? This give me a chance to see if she can help me."

"Leah, is on her way. I am going to stay until Leah gets here. You look flushed." 
He carried me to the master. He had made the bed so neatly that I wanted to take a picture. This is what I loved about him. Why he wasn't that way with other things around the house." He undressed me gave me a quick wash up, pull the covers back on the bed, gently placed me in the bed.
"You looking so beautiful. Take me back when we first met at the art expo in college. I knew I was going to make you my wife." his eyes smile.

"Knock, Knock! Hey, where is the sick gurly?"

"We are in here Leah." replied Barry.

"Hey, sweetie. You look good and rough?"

"Barry, you go head. That money is calling you. I got your girl."

"Thanks, Leah. I have given her a bath. She needs to eat."

He gentle kissed me on my forehead. Walking away as if it killed him to take each step to walk out of that room. Leah waited long enough to hear Barry car back out of the driveway and down the street. 

"What is really wrong with you?" asked firmly by Leah

"I'm pregnant."


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Deeper Meaning

A couple of weeks ago I watched the movie "The Reader". That movie has a deep meaning, which took you to a raw place within yourself that some people wouldn't be able to explain. Continuing to think about this movie, took me to a memory. There are memories or events in life that causes others to be shut off from the world and family. Until something happens and you learn that you have to open up to release what you are hiding.The character who played the young gentlemen fell in love with this woman. She was much older and have to be in control. She had to stay in control to hide her truth. Her truth was she couldn't read. When you watch the movie there are several scenes where they made love. I looked at it from the point of view that she wasn't making love to the young boy. She was making love to what he had. What he had that she didn't was education, innocence, and most of all he could read. 

Have you ever seen someone who might have a car that you have dreamed of all your life. I know mine is a Ford Mustang. You look over to see a fine man driving the car that would make you sin just with eye contact. The intelligent young man had attracted her to him. In return she taught him how to make love to a woman but not how to love. That love is giving yourself to those you love. Which caused this young man marriage to crumble. He didn't have the best relationship with his daughter. I will let you see the end of the movie to see what happens. I will say this once you release a secret NO ONE can beat you over the head with it. Don't let your past beat you.You leave it behind and take the wisdom, knowledge and understanding in your heart.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What's Going On With Me cont...

Hello Audience,
     I know it has been a while. I have missed writing the blog. Well, I enjoyed the Blueberry Bash at Bridgeton Elementary. I sold a few books. I met Rep. Norman Sanderson, as well met some new friend and fan. What else I left you with a thought last time could you continue to show love unconditionally if you are constantly mistreated? I know several of you wanted to know what was my thoughts. Here they are, what I am about to say isn't Christian like. Would I show love unconditionally HELL NO!! Let's say E is a real person, she comes out and play time to time. I know God is changing me. Because I had a situation to occur, I didn't break.  That confirmed God is healing me internally. It feels so good, to have that peace. 
     I asked you a question why should a man take a woman out on a date? I received a few responses from friends and ex's. The responses made me think. I know some people ask and told me to read Steve Harvey book. I am beginning to read the book, this book has taught me a few things in another point of view. I will inform you on that at another time. What got me is a few of my male friends had ask me the question back. Then one of my friends who was older and single Father. He is very wise with his words. He put a smile on my face. I'm going to paraphrase "the male interest in the female cause the male to hunger for the female". Another male friend said that to get to know the female. As I continued thinking I went back in my mind. Memories of some crazy experiences came rushing back in a way I was laughing out loud to myself. I think like a male, I went to a male mind for a minute. Not all men are like this but you have to feel them out, ladies.Yea, the game is awesome some are better than others. Sometimes you go for the ride, ladies learn and observe while you are on this ride. Let me clarify this if he is a dealer, pimp, drama, or just not a man, then don't go on this ride to get to know him. Ladies make your list from the movie "Why Did I Get Married?" You know what you can and can't handle. Men you learn from the women as well. Let me explain, if the woman you dating is a fancy hamburger with sweet potato fries with a jar of kool-aid. Males,if you know how to cook; learn what ingredients that make this hamburger so damn good. Is it the brown eggs, the oregano, expensive beef, etc. The main question to ask is this good for you? Can she give me what I need as well give her what she need? Asking them questions on this ride helps you to make that decision to continue or stop at that depot. To the single men and women until we receive what we need enjoy. Most of all love yourself!!!!